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Privacy Policy

1- No exchange or refund

2- All orders are subject to the products being available. If not, you may submit a pre order that may take 7-10 days (less or more depends on the demands), ab12 will make every effort to provide item as soon as possible. The user will be notified immediately.

2- Ab12 may cancel or refuse to accept any confirmed order on the following grounds:
1.   In the event of a technical and/or typing error in the prices or other details of products contained on the webpage when the order was placed.
2.   Due to a lack of availability, as described in “Availability of Products” “fabrics” above.
3.   When the security systems indicate that the order may be fraudulent.
5.   If ab12 was unable to deliver the order to the address provided.

6. In case the you submitted an order with material that no longer available, ab12 will inform you with an email, message with any Alternatives.
7. Ab12 will fully reimburse any sums that have been paid in case of any reason mentioned previously only.